What Goals?

How God Uses Certain Situations in Our Lives to Continually Make Us Better

Written By: Lynn Waters

When I was downsized again I looked at my life and decided that because I was not working, my life needed to change. I went out and purchased a book that focused on making your life better.
I started to read this book and came across a section that said you needed to make goals for your life. Well, this was news to me! I slammed the book closed and went into a bit of a shock. Then I started thinking about it. I thought, well, making goals was good for high school kids but I was well past high school.
As I thought more I decided to write down what I wanted to do with my life. After writing my list found that I had seventeen goals so I also wrote out how I could accomplish some of them. After doing that I started to work on a few of my new goals.young-woman-walking-on-path-in-city-park
One of my goals was to make my small yard look great. I pulled weeds and trimmed plants. With my husband’s help we replanted our front area with new plants that are bulbs and come up every year. Now this is on-going goal because the yard requires constant upkeep.
Another goal was Spring Cleaning which has been a huge undertaking because I do not like to clean. Every spring when I get the urge to clean, I concentrate on a different area. The first year I decided to get rid of stuff that was no longer needed. I spent months going through the house and putting these things aside. We have a community yard sale once a year and my plan was to have everything sorted and ready to sell. My husband then took the items that did not sell to Goodwill. My Spring Cleaning goal was accomplished.
Suddenly, I started to ponder the “What Ifs.” What if I had known about making goals in high school? Regret set in. Perhaps I would have gone to college and gotten some high ranking job making a lot of money. After thinking about this for some time, I heard a pastor say that we should get rid of regret. Well I was getting depressed by this time. So, I said, “No more regrets.”
I began to see that I would not be the person I am today and I would not be married to the husband I have. I may not even be a Christian. When I think about those things I cannot have regrets. Now, at the end of each year I review my goals, remove completed goals from my list, and add new goals. I have come to realize you are never too old to set goals and discover purpose for your life.