January 30, 2014

Welcome to 2014

It is 7:30 am on a Misty Saturday morning at the Brea Civic Center in meeting room A&B. This is where Life Builder Seminars has gathered for over ten years. Today is the first seminar of 2014 and despite the hour there is an electrified buzz of excitement in the air. Chairs are aligned, tables set, and the first sound check is already in progress. There is purpose birthed in this place every month and hearts and lives will never be the same because of the God-driven vision of Pastor Cathy.

Right around eight thirty or the first four or five women arrive. They are beaming with excitement; they know there are good things in store this morning. It doesn’t take long for the sound in the room to grow. The sound of prayer and the atmosphere being set can be heard out the door and to the elevator. Pretty soon the echo of joyous greetings, laughter and good mornings fills the room. By 9:00 AM, the room is almost filled to capacity…200.
Every available chair is brought in to make sure that every woman has a seat. It’s a beautiful day the sun is beaming through the windows overlooking the courtyard to the Brea Civic Center, but the beauty of this day are the women filling the seats in meeting room A&B. They are the reason for this seminar. Suddenly, the voice that has opened every meeting for these ten plus years captures the attention of the women, “Good Morning everyone!” It’s Pastor Cathy, the founder of Life Builder Seminars. Last second cups of coffee are poured and the woman scramble to their seats, no one wants to miss a second of the life-rich keys they will be receiving this morning. The meeting has begun and it promises to be a great one!


Written by: Tina Cobian. If you would like to reach Tina, please send her an email at tina@lifebuilderseminars.com



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