August 25, 2016

The Storm

Written by Petra Rodriguez

A storm is a violent disturbance of the atmosphere, which brings strong winds, rain, thunder, snow and lightning, such as an uproar or controversy.  At times, we are stressed and we feel like we are living in a cyclone so we give up and begin to drift away.

There is an account in Acts 27 which tells of Apostle Paul and other prisoners being taken away on a ship in the middle of the Mediterranean. They had not seen sunlight in fourteen days. They were in total darkness and they didn’t see any stars. Not knowing where they were, they just kept drifting with the storm.

When we stay in the storm instead of the eye of the storm where it is calm, we begin to drift, and all we see is total darkness and hopelessness. We give up traveling toward any destination.  We begin to throw our cargo over board thinking it will help us from sinking, yet we throw away the things we need because the storm seems too tough.

This is a common reaction to difficulty. When the heat is on and the pressure is unbearable, we start to throw away the things we need to survive in the storm.  We may throw away faith in God, hope, courage, peace, dreams, goals, or purpose. We may even sacrifice the values and relationships that we would not normally guard.

We say things like, I’m throwing in the towel, I’m giving up on this marriage. I’m abandoning this relationship, etc. Are you facing a storm in life? Do you feel battered, like you are going to break down, or fall apart by the banging of the waves?

Don’t give up and become anxious and afraid. Don’t give up on your dreams and goals. Don’t throw away what you need to make it through the storm- God, always being your main focus.  God is the eye of the storm. He has complete control and His love surrounds calms and our souls. Let’s not drift with the storm, throw away  our focus and trust in God, abandon ship, or lose hope. We can weather anything as long as we stay calm in the eye of the storm. It will soon pass.

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