January 15, 2015

Moving Forward

Written By Lynn Waters

At the end of each year I work at finishing the tasks that I wanted to do for that year. By December 2014 the tasks that I had put aside throughout the year had piled up.  Fortunately, the reasons for not doing them had passed, and I had the time to work on these time-consuming items. I did not finish them all, however I completed most of them.

 Now in a new year, I am looking over the goals for last year and previous years to see what goals I really want to accomplish and which ones are no longer relevant. After I review the goals I want to accomplish, I strategize as to how to reach these goals because we can achieve more when we plan.

We all have personal goals that we want to accomplish. Do we want to change occupations?  Do we need to go to school for this new occupation? If so, research schools and programs and then register for school. It may seem daunting at first, but sometimes the hardest part is simply beginning the process. The time will go by in your life whether you accomplish your goal or not.  So if you start working on your goal today, you will have improved an area of your life and you will immediately feel good about this progress.

 When I was younger, I did not know anything about goals and I just lived my life.  As I look back I see places where IGoal signboard could have improved and changed my life if I had made goals, gone to school, or changed how I lived my life. I know I cannot change my past, but I can change my future.  I now make plans and work at accomplishing them. What are some of my plans?  Well, first of all I want my home to be a peaceful place: a place filled with love and joy. I want consistency; to plan the meals to be nutritious and fun; and to make foods that my husband enjoys. Other goals are to make the home clean and comfortable. I also do the yard work. I plan to keep the yard in good order and watered so the flowers and plants look good. A few other goals are to read my Bible every day and pray for those that are experiencing trials, and to keep up on the emails I receive about what is spiritually going on in the world. I also want to make my husband happy, have fun, and go somewhere at least once a month to enjoy the world.

This year I am planning to go to a Family Reunion. I have never been and last year my sister and I reconnected with my Dad’s family. There were seven children and they all had many children and now grand-children and great grand-children.  All my Dad’s brothers and sisters are gone, but their children and grandchildren are waiting to meet my sister and me. I am planning and getting information so that I will be ready for all of the activities and to remember everyone, if possible.  Now that is an exciting goal for me this year. I have many more goals, but I think you get the idea of what kind of goals you can have.  When setting goals let’s remember to spend time with our families.  Children grow up before you know it and move into their own lives. And they remember the time we spend with them. At Thanksgiving I visited with my nephew and his wife, and he reminisced about his middle school graduation. We did something special together, just the two of us.  I had to financially go out on a limb but I felt it was worth it to make it a special day for him.  I felt so good that he remembered it. We have so little time on earth, we should spend some of this time giving of ourselves and doing things we enjoy like visiting others.  When I was small, my next door neighbor was always having people over for coffee just to chat. It is easy to forget about the joy of simply spending time with others.

 Life Builder Seminars offers this joy. We go there; we meet new people and talk with old friends. It is a place to connect, and renew ourselves. I hope to meet you at the next Life Builder Seminar in Brea on Saturday January 24th

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