May 7, 2015

Moving Forward

Written by Ruby Heaton

The world does not own us,
The culture does not define us,
The times do not invent us.

Man does not control our actions,
Social Media does not tell us how to interact.

We won’t fold,
We won’t sell out,
We’re not weak,
We’re not puppets,
We’re not foolish,
We’re not gullible.

We won’t conform,
We won’t believe lies,
We won’t follow pack mentality,
We’re not blind.

We are true believers,
We are many,
We are mighty,
We have authority,
We have power,
We have the mind of Christ.

We are a mighty army, we are his children.
We are his ambassadors, we are his servants.

We are anointed to serve and to teach,
To reach the lost and the hurting,
To move mountains and to crush barriers,
To trample the enemy, And to exalt the King.

Life Builders is here to equip and empower us, to build us up into the women God created us to be, and to activate us into our gifts and calling. With that in mind I want to challenge you today to take that step into your God ordained destiny with me. Decide with me to take on the challenge and to start moving in the direction of our dreams and our destiny. Can’t you hear God calling? It’s time for us to move. Perhaps you started to step out and as you moved you scared the enemy with all your potential, so he came at you full force with fear and doubt. Then when that wasn’t enough he tossed in some anxiety and worry, which caused you to procrastinate and put things aside. This happened to me. I had started to write a couple of Christian books and I had several editors interested in my proposals. But I never finished them. I’m going to get back to writing. I don’t know what you put aside or what you never started. Maybe you can share it with me? But I do know that the enemy has held us back long enough. It’s time to unite as God’s army and move forward together!

God has a plan for us and He has given us the key. Here are some tips that have helped me move forward:
· We must discipline ourselves.
· Ask God for His plans for us, and write it out.
· Keep focused on God and work the plan
· Stay connected to the vine, by spending time daily with God.
· Pray and then stay silent so we can hear God.
· Read the word daily, out loud, so we can hear and believe. Even if it’s just one verse.
· Praise God and thank Him daily for what we have and what we will have.
· Guard our words; no negative words, speak only life.
· Worship God, sing out loud. Be aware of the words that we are singing.
· Repent as soon as we sin. Forgive quickly. Keep our hearts pure.
· Remain united- avoid competition, comparison, jealousy, and gossip.
· Find a good accountability partner and people to encourage and pray for us.

Prayer: God guide us, bless us, and unite us as we step out and meet the challenge for your kingdom. Give us dreams, visions and strategies. Strengthen and encourage us. Let us have joy and laughter on the journey. Send confusion to the enemy’s camp. Empower your daughters and protect us. In Jesus name we ask. Amen.
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