September 3, 2015


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Written By: Ruby Heaton

Hello Ladies, I sense God is calling me to encourage you…

 To keep on praying,

To keep on fasting,

To keep on believing,

To keep on fighting in the Spirit,

To never give up,

To not back down,

To not lose hope.


God has called and chosen you to be intercessors and warriors,

Before you do anything else,

Even after you step into your future and callings,

You will always need to pray and war!


God has brought us together to bond in unity,

To build up and encourage one another,

To lift up one another’s needs,

To cover each other with prayer and fasting,

To link arms as we step out for the kingdom,  

To do amazing things,      

To war and win as a mighty army,

…All in His name and for His Glory.


Thought for the Season

What is you dream, your vision, your desire and your hope? What has God told you to do? What steps are you taking to get there?


Join me and let’s seek God’s plans for us in this season. Get a journal and set some time aside to read the word and pray and ask God to show you His plans for you. The answer may not come right away. Your answer may come as a vision, unction, a dream, something you sense, a desire, or a word someone gives you that agrees with your spirit. It may be long or short. Perhaps God wants to give you just a glimpse. Don’t concern yourself with the length, just write it in your journal. Continue to pray over it and it will make more sense as you plan out steps to fulfill it.


Remember when we want to know God’s will there are three things that will always concur. I found this in the book, How to Know God’s Will by Robert M. West.-


1. The inward impulse

2. The word of God

3.  The trend of circumstances


God in the Heart, impelling you forward; God in His book, corroborating what He says in the heart; and God in circumstances, which are always indicative of His will.


A Blessing for my sisters in Christ

Be blessed as you come and as you go,

May God’s favor and joy chase you down,

May you always be the head and not the tail,

May you walk in wisdom and love, inner healing and health,

May you grow bolder for the Lord daily,

May you grow in authority and power daily,

Until you can speak to those mountains that block your way and command them to move,

Until you can cast out demons, free all your loved ones, and lead them to a closer walk with God,

May you always be a light that shines bright,

May you always have more than enough so you can share with others,

May God’s peace always be with you.


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