December 10, 2015


Looking out the window

Written By Ruby Heaton

As I reflect and think about walls, which are like boundaries- some are necessary. The problem arises if we put some up for the wrong reasons or if we don’t take them down when necessary. 

     Take for instance my first marriage, which was abusive. After that experience I was afraid to trust anyone. I kept my heart at a distance. There were times I was hurt when helping people or doing ministry, because the enemy came in and used people who were broken or immature to destroy what God was doing. It caused me to pull back again because I didn’t want to be hurt or abused again. God didn’t want me to put up walls and hide behind them so he kept tugging at my heart to help his people. He kept nudging me with the scripture do you love me? Feed my sheep. I’d hear it in a sermon or come across it in my reading, or he’d drop it in my spirit.

     In truth I wasn’t happy. I felt like something was missing. I’ve always helped people and prayed for them. God made me an intercessor, but I was fearful. I started helping more but one on one, and I realized hurt people are are also capable of hurting others. I felt God keep telling me to step out again, to put myself out there in front of everyone, and I thought, no way! I’ve seen and felt what people can do. I’ve met a lot of cruel people. God kept telling me to step out and be real. When I did, some people came up to me after my speaking thanking me for being real. Some came up to me in tears and hugged and thanked me. 

     When I was teaching the at Salvation Army I used to tell my girls don’t get upset when someone gives you a weird look. Maybe they’re hurting or just got into a fight with someone. You don’t know what they’re going through. Try reaching out, smile and be nice. It ended up working. Many of the women became really good friends and are still connected years later. 

     Many people think because people are different, they are odd or you can’t connect. I have always been blessed with friends that vary in thought, color and age. I have found that everyone has something to teach us, gifts to share and joy to bring into our lives. To connect we have to let down our walls or come out from behind them.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t use wisdom or have boundaries. But we still have to love, help, share, and be real with people if we’re going to be any use to the kingdom. After all isn’t that what it’s all about?

When the Walls Crumble

Sometimes we may come out 

From behind the walls we’ve built,

For a moment,

An hour, or a day.

Then we run back to their shelter,

Until the next time we feel brave enough to venture out.

Over time our walls begin to crumble

Little by little as the years pound against them.

Some of our walls may be suddenly bulldozed  

By circumstances beyond our control,

Then we’re left exposed,

And something happens,

A shift and a change occurs.

It’s then we realize the walls that we built

Were really prisons we put ourselves into,

And now that we’re exposed

We’re also free.

Prayer: God help us to break down our own walls, so that we can walk together in love and unity.  Free us to be who you created us to be. Lights, visions of hope, intercessors, warriors, teachers, healers, your hands of love extended. In Jesus name we ask. Amen.

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