November 20, 2013

Undo Button

The undo button is my favorite button. If I accidentally delete a whole page, I press undo. If I accidentally type over some words, I press undo. The undo button saves me an abundance of time because after pressing undo, it’s like the mistake never happened. What a perfect idea! God Bless the genius that created this button!undo-button
Can you imagine life with an undo button? Once, I started a new job as the office receptionist. My boss and trainer, a very social person, began telling me about her weekend. Two minutes into her story, I let out the biggest yawn known to man and I did not even bother to cover my mouth! I’m pretty sure she saw my tonsils. I have no idea how I forgot to cover my mouth and to this day, that is the only time in that I have yawned in someone’s face.

After my yawn I watched all enthusiasm drain from my boss’ face and she stared at me for a few moments in disbelief. All I could do was giggle through an apology because I was so embarrassed, and sleepy. I am quite goofy when I am not well rested. After regaining my composure, I earnestly apologized and explained that I had only slept a few hours the previous night and that my yawn was no reflection on her weekend adventures. Fortunately she was more understanding than most and continued with her story.

Now that was a time when I wish that I had that fabulous undo button. There have been many more instances when I wished could press undo and erase my mistake. Those wishes never came true but I have learned that even though I cannot erase my mistakes, I can learn from them, and I can do my best to rectify them. I have also learned to help other avoid the mistakes that I made. Most importantly I have learned that God does not abandon me or shun me because I make a mistake. His promise to me is that when I repent, He is faithful and just to forgive my sins (1 John 1:9). So I don’t have to live under the clouds of condemnation and shame when I mess up. Not only does He forgive, He restores, He redeems, and He loves me unconditionally. That’s better than the undo button!

Author: Remaliah Evans


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Cathy Guerrero - November 21, 2013 Reply

Oh my, this can really hit close to home…LOL

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