March 27, 2015

How Much?

Written By:Remaliah Evans

If you ever wondered who shops at midnight during the Christmas season- it’s me. The stores are peaceful, there are no lines, and the deals are great. But if the price is not clear then I have to know how much? I’ve gone to the register thinking, “oh this little cardigan can’t possibly be that much,” and ended up putting the cardigan back because it IS that much. I ask how much when I am shopping and I also ask myself how much when I am planning and making decisions. Jesus said, “ForAchieve against student holding book which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it.” I count the cost by asking how much? I want to be a professional writer so I asked myself, what’s that going to take? Originally I told myself that I would do whatever it takes. The problem with “whatever it takes” is that this phrase does not clearly define a plan of action.

 Years passed and I gained writing experience but the book remains unwritten, and I am not a professional writer. So then I asked myself, why am I not writing? I was not writing because I did not make it a priority and I did not set aside time to write. I was too busy. I recently heard a story about a minister who knew that he was supposed to write a prophetic book about the coming decade. Well, he waited so long to write the book, that the decade passed! He was not twiddling his thumbs for ten years; he was raising his family, leading a church, counseling, and living life. Yet, the fact remains: he did not make time to write the book. The demands of family, work, ministry, school, and relationships never end, and there are often unexpected events that require our attention. Nonetheless, we make time for what is most important. We start work a few hours early so that we can go to our kid’s 3:00 game. We set aside time to spend with friends, and we make time for church.

So what about that dream in your heart? Have you counted the cost of that dream? Counting the cost will tell you what you value and how much that dream means to you.  How much time are you willing to invest? How much will you let go of? What will you say no to? How long will you prepare and train? Are you willing to make mistakes and be embarrassed during the learning process? Will you risk having your ideas or work rejected? Are you willing to leave your comfort zone?

 I love my comfort zone; it’s warm and cozy, safe, and less stressful. It’s also eerily idle. There is no growth there. As cozy as it is, it’s time to leave the comfort zone. A person can only sleep in for so long before they finally get out of bed and do something. When we begin to understand how much something will cost us, we can then make an informed decision and plan accordingly. Sometimes the cost is too high, and many times the cost is well worth it.

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