November 7, 2013

Hit Your Target

When I heard about the November Life Builder topic Hit Your Target, I immediately thought to myself “what does it take to hit a target?”  A target could be a goal you want to reach, a decision you have to make, or a change that you want to achieve in your life. For me, it took commitment on my part, endurance, and most of all patience to stand through the circumstance. The greatest weapon we can have is joy. Sounds good at the time when you’re not going through anything, right?

woman praying silhoutteRecently, I had to make some pretty hard decisions that were life changing, not only for me but also my family. As hard as it was, I had to trust that God would make a way and trust that HE would be the only one to get me through. There were many obstacles that hit me and tried to steal my joy and peace. Then I reached a point where I was tired of being a victim and allowing tough situations in my life to dictate how I would live and feel. I thank Life Builder Seminars for having topics every month that instill Godly principles that can be applied to everyday life. Every time I leave a seminar, I feel like I can conquer anything that life would bring my way. The seminars remind me that I can rely on God.

As I navigated the series of changes, I decided to let God guide me through each situation. I handled one thing at a time even though there were several challenges that demanded immediate attention. I was struggling with my marriage, children, work, and health issues. It felt like I was being suffocated. The enemy would have liked to see me give up but I made a choice to press through. I had come too far and knew too much to just keep getting robbed of all my blessings. I knew God did not intend for me to live a life full of stress, fear, and unhappiness.

Joshua 1:9 declares, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be discouraged, for the Lord God will be with you wherever you go.” No more victim mentality for me; I surrendered to God even though things looked bad. I believe the greatest victory I had was learning to surrender and trust that God was bigger than any situation I was going through. I learned that I had to encourage myself in the Lord. When I felt like giving up I continued to depend on the Holy Spirit to guide me. In the end, I grew up a little more. I can honestly say that I have set a goal to achieve happiness and live a life where the peace of God is truly my strength. So I encourage you my friends: don’t ever settle for less in life. Be strong, remember God has never forsaken you, and most importantly, through Christ we can do all things!

Post Written by Arlene Cruz.

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Maribel Soto - November 7, 2013 Reply

Great blog! Thank you Arlene for sharing your life with us. You inspire me!

Deborah Ferris-Negroni - January 9, 2014 Reply

YES!!! I love this Arlene and can totally relate. We can get a little dizzy there for a minute and once we recognize the enemy’s tactics…”KAPOW!!” We get him where it hurts by standing on the promises we have been given and getting back up and marching forward!

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