October 23, 2014


How far can bullying go?

Written by Remaliah Evans

The effects of bullying reach far beyond school and the school years. Here are a few quick numbers:
·10% kids who drop out of school, drop out because of bullying1, thus severely limiting employment opportunities.
·Those bullied are four times more likely to experience anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and agoraphobia in adulthood than those who were not bullied2.
·40% of boys identified as bullies in between the sixth and ninth grades are arrested at least 3 times before the age of 301.
·Those (male and female) identified as bullies have an increased risk of developing antisocial personality disorder, a disorder in which a person has little empathy and does not mind manipulating others for their gain2.

Whether you are an adult or a youth, chances are that bullying has, or is impacting your life. The Good 1003363_10202043251917634_153637168510788065_nNews: there are resources, and this weekend Life Builder Brea is one of those resources. Be sure to attend Life Builder Brea this weekend and learn what bullying is, and what bullying is not. This special session will be taught by three women with expertise in diverse backgrounds: a pastor and counselor who resolves bullying within adult relationships, a campus safety officer who has diffused numerous bullying incidents for over 18 years, a school psychologist.

This Saturday’s seminar will cover how to recognize the true source of bullying. We know what bullying looks like; now it’s time to discover the root of the problem and then lay the ax to the root. We will also learn how to overcome the negative effects of bullying. As much as we would like to think that bullying ends in high school, unfortunately bullying can occur between adults, in college, and in the workplace.

Bullying is a term that we hear often and it is sometimes misused; therefore this Seminar will also clearly define bullying. You will leave this seminar equipped and empowered! Register for no fee event here




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